Saturday, July 14, 2018

Four Rules To Follow When Dealing With The Press

The job of the media is to inform the mass regarding an event by inquiring into the unsaid and unknown facts. However, some media practitioners, however important their job may be, can seem as intrusive as needles at times, in their pursuit of gossip. Here are four rules to abide by when dealing with the press.

It is critical for one to know how to handle the press in all kinds of situations. One cannot be open about everything, especially regarding sensitive issues. A person who faces the media must be an effective communicator, conversing with the press tactfully, even when harassed just to get the information they are craving. Be careful of spilling out the information that isn’t for everyone to know. A public figure’s career can be ruined by one small statement; one must not share anything they don’t want to be published.

Provide accurate information as the public would want to know the right thing instead of just something about an event. Always provide authentic and verified information even if reporters try to extract false information from what is being said. Make responses quick as showing promptness when answering inquiries shows that one came to face the press prepared. Speak like an expert, taking the lead in clarifying facts and stories.

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When talking to the press, keep calm. Some reporters tend to become dominating at times, which can cause one to be frustrated. However, reacting negatively on national TV might trigger controversy and put one’s goodwill on the line. Regardless of the type of question that may come one’s way, it’s always best to stay calm while dealing with the reporters.

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